With over a decade in media and social impact work, Megan Donis is an accomplished producer and strategist working at the intersection of audio, video and social change, Her work is driven by the power of story, community and media to propel social movements and catalyze public policy change.


Megan’s professional experience spans coasts from New York City to Los Angeles, with skill sets ranging from podcast production and documentary filmmaking to live event producing and building media partnerships. She landed her first job as a teen reporter covering tidal pollution growing up in Vancouver, Canada and went on to complete her masters at Columbia Graduate School of Journalism in New York. After graduating Megan joined PBS's WNET team to build the Peabody award-winning documentary series Egg The Arts Show, created and produced BRIC TV's Emmy winning #BHEARD social justice programming in Brooklyn and now creates and producing podcasts for Crooked Media, Gimlet Media, Spotify Studios and more.

Megan is dedicated to journalism which shines a light on the most important issues facing our community today, by telling the stories of

those affected by them the most.

I have a wide range of skills to offer for media outlets, non-profits and branded clients. Whether it's editorial oversight, developing a new show, teaching you to create your own podcasts, interviewing subjects, writing scripts and editing, I can do it all. I’m especially drawn to projects with a social justice and impact element and love a collaborative process.