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With over a decade in media and social impact work, Megan Donis is an accomplished producer and strategist working at the intersection of audio, video and social change.

After graduating from New York’s Columbia School of Journalism, she began her career as part of the original team producing PBS’s Peabody-award winning EGG the Arts Show. Megan went on to produce for HBO, CBS and National Geographic eventually landing at BRIC Arts Media Brooklyn, Brooklyn’s premiere media outlet. In 2014, in the wake of the police killing of Michael Brown and the Black Lives Matter uprising, Megan helped created #BHeard, a social justice programming strand at BRIC, combining in-depth documentaries, live impact events and social media campaigns. Her work on #BHeard earned her several Emmy awards covering police brutality, school segregation and climate justice. Megan now lives in Los Angeles where she continues her dedication to social issue work, creating and producing documentary podcasts for major media outlets like iHeartRadio, Crooked Media, Gimlet Media and Spotify.  She has two projects coming out this year, one which tells the story of the Illinois chapter of the Black Panther Party and the assasination of their chairman Fred Hampton by the FBI and the other which explores the backlash to the sexual revolution through the lens of the first erotic magazine for women published in the 70’s by Bob Guccione of Penthouse, but run entirely by feminists. 

I have a wide range of skills to offer for media outlets, non-profits and branded clients. Whether it's editorial oversight, developing a new show, teaching you to create your own podcasts, interviewing subjects, writing scripts and editing, I can do it all. I’m especially drawn to projects with a social justice and impact element and love a collaborative process.

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